A Message from the Principal, Mr Enias Madzana

Principal_EniasA warm welcome to Buyani Primary School! We are dedicated to the teaching of the children from Finetown so that they can advance to high school and onwards to become leaders in our community and broader society. As an Independent School established by the residents of Finetown, at a time when the community was experiencing major instability as a result of the previous Government apartheid policies, we afford quality learning opportunities and facilities to the children of our community. Our school has an enrolment of 754 learners from Grade R to Grade 7 and have a staff complement of 36 teachers, administrators, catering, cleaning and ground staff. We have had wonderful relationships with our donor partners who have supported the development of our infrastructure and an increase the numbers of learners. We thank every one of them for their support and commitment to a community that could so easily have been forgotten. Our challenges as a community and a school remain tremendous and our ability to continue on our quest to provide quality learning to our children requires on-going support.


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